50M Roll – Clear Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

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50M lengths of ribbed PVC for repairs and replacement strip curtains

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Ribbed Clear PVC rolls – standard Grade for use in ambient temperature applications operating between +50°c to -15°c.  At the extremities of this range PVC can degrade, if you expect your PVC to operate well at temperatures constantly below freezing then you should consider using our Freezer Grade PVC Strip.  The ribbed PVC offers additional durability compared with standard flat PVC.

Ribbed PVC roll is used in various applications industry-wide that require: Temperature control – Ideal for internal and external doorways, partitions and openings where protection from the elements is required; Health and Safety – an effective barrier between warehouse and office / retail work areas; Noise reduction – economical sound barrier ideal for enclosing loud equipment and to block out traffic noise; Dust Reduction – protects clean room environments; Insect / Pest Protection – effective solution for keeping out birds, insects and others pests;


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